Among countless civilizations across the Gulch, more is known about planet Earth than its inhabitants know or understand about the nature of reality. Many of Earth’s inhabitants demonstrate an alarming propensity for brutality compounded by a lack of tolerance. Sectors of this population work tirelessly toward an understanding of what remains hidden from them, whether in objectively defined realms of mathematics and physics or in the broader scope inclusive of unseen principalities.

Human pursuits beyond a defined gravity well are a cause for concern. They are spiritually weak, yet determination and ingenuity are elevating their capabilities to expand beyond current physical limitations. Should they cross the barriers of interdimensional travel, allowing them to travel to distant stars or cross into alternate realities, they must be seen as carriers of a serious and contagious disease.

Many earthlings pursue a greater connection to the divine creator, but among them, pure hearts are rare. Rather than embracing concepts such as mercy and compassion, many are drawn to the concrete nature of law. Bonding with the source of life and love is met with mixed success as the species once accepted a vulnerability to attacks from dark forces. Distractions, lack of depth and devotion to misguided traditions easily corrupt their hearts and minds.

While examples of noble actions are common among individuals, such events are rarely deemed worthy of widespread scrutiny or acclaim. Instead, the human mind seems drawn to conflict, suffering and misfortune. Many are focused on a quest for wealth or power, generally at the expense of others. Aggression is a feature common to nearly all segments of the population. This trait is evidenced among the most passive, introverted individuals. Such a species must be approached with caution.

One of a Kind

Once upon a time there lived a spouft. A creature with eyes that could see across time and space. It could look across vast distances, see through event horizons and observe another universe or focus on the smallest creatures on any given world. And nearly all of what he saw was mundane. So with his massive imagination, the spouft took pieces from different worlds which he observed and he built fictions to chase away the boredom. And with each new tale, he grew a new arm and spread his tentacles of inspiration among the stars.