Alien Myths

Basilisks, vampires, werewolves and changelings are only a few of the monsters firmly established in the literature and superstitions of earth. Scholars claim legends often have seeds of truth – stories which have been exaggerated or distorted, often turning them into nightmarish tales of monsters. If they are right, what is the truth behind the myths and monsters spread across the gulch between worlds and dimensions and what of those which have reached our own world?

One of a Kind

Once upon a time there lived a spouft. A creature with eyes that could see across time and space. It could look across vast distances, see through event horizons and observe another universe or focus on the smallest creatures on any given world. And nearly all of what he saw was mundane. So with his massive imagination, the spouft took pieces from different worlds which he observed and he built fictions to chase away the boredom. And with each new tale, he grew a new arm and spread his tentacles of inspiration among the stars.