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Adrift in the Gulch

“Avoid the planet Earth at all costs” (Hiram Roth, Federation Council President)

Among countless civilizations across the Gulch, more is known about planet Earth than its inhabitants know or understand about the nature of reality. Many of Earth’s inhabitants demonstrate an alarming propensity for brutality compounded by a lack of tolerance. Sectors of this population work tirelessly toward an understanding of what remains hidden from them, whether in objectively defined realms of mathematics and physics or in the broader scope inclusive of unseen principalities.

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Alien Myths

Basilisks, vampires, werewolves and changelings are only a few of the monsters firmly established in the literature and superstitions of earth. Scholars claim legends often have seeds of truth – stories which have been exaggerated or distorted, often turning them into nightmarish tales of monsters. If they are right, what is the truth behind the myths and monsters spread across the gulch between worlds and dimensions and what of those which have reached our own world?

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Despite a lack of real evidence, people continue to believe spirits of the dead are hanging out on earth, hiding in mysterious buildings and landscapes. But proof of such entities is elusive and runs against common beliefs of many prominent religions. Yet even the most vocal critics admit some things cannot be explained through scientific methods alone. Encounters with forces beyond our senses are hard to reconcile and easy to discount. But is it possible that a mystic realm holding elements of truth and wisdom sometimes intersects with the world we know? Such a place is the Mist Hotel

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Fae Bolls

Wee-Folk Magic in MacGillicuddy’s Reeks

Under the mountain peaks running through County Kerry, Ireland, sits the town of DarBrandubh, home to a reclusive band of leprechauns. ‘Tis a bit of country where the wee folk who once tormented the humans of the region have turned inward.

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